Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Sorry, Buzzfeed: Here Are 22 Things You'll Really Never Hear Finnish People Say

Buzzfeed's "Finland expert", an annoying woman that likes to occasionally remind her readers that she's never been there by writing cliche-ridden articles based on viral Finland-related internet posts,  recently posted a list of "22 Things You'll Never Hear A Finnish Person Say". The list consists of nothing more than stereotypes,  generalizations,  and myths about Finnish culture and life. So, I've made my own list of 22 thibgs you'll never hear a Finnish person say, based on my three-and-a-half years of living here.

1. I really enjoyed my Swedish classes in school.

2.  I'm more of a tea person.

3. I went to Tallinn to see some museums and take in the culture.

4. Finland is actually really good at...

5. Päivi Räsänen always has such wonderful ideas!

6.  We have the best kebabs.

7.  I really hope the old lady sitting next to me starts telling me about her day.

8. Kela forms are so simple and straightforward.

9. That short course the unemployment office forced me to go to really taught me a lot!

10.  Ordering electronics online? No thanks, Gigantti has them cheaper.

11. Nothing is more beautiful than spring and autumn in Turku.

12. It's nice that so many foreign bands always come to Helsinki on their European tours.

13. The best thing about Finnish public transportation is how affordable it is.

14. The new Juha Tapio song is really well-written.

15. This Euroshopper beer is just as good as the expensive stuff.

16.  I don't mind not being able to buy beer after 9 PM.

17. Finnish stand-up is just as good as British stand-up.

18.  I don't really care what other countries think about Finland.

19. I love it when immigrants make small talk with me in English on the train.

20. I've saved so much money since Prisma lowered their prices.

21. It's September and I can't find any apples!

22. Buzzfeed articles about Finland are so accurate.


Unknown said...

>14. The new Juha Tapio song is really well-written.

Well, some people have parents who are very fond of their iskelmä shite.

urjaman said...

I'm a tea person, and finnish :(