Sunday, April 5, 2015

My Unconventional Easter: Gravlax(graavi kirjolohi) Suushi

For non-religious families like mine, holidays like Easter don't carry much weight. Though I was raised Catholic, and spent most of my childhood eating big and delicious Easter dinners, the idea of making a lavish soread for Yki and myself just seems silly. So, since we've been together, we've used religious holidays as an excuse to experiment in the kitchen. This time around, we decided to try and up our sushi game with "graavikala", or gravlax in English. 

Graavikala is fish that's been cured with salt, sugar, and oil. It's especially popular in the summer, when the new potatoes come, but some people like to eat it on bread year-round. I am one of those people. 

My concept for "graavisushi" was to make a Philadelphia roll, only with my gravlax rainbow trout in place of smoked salmon. First, Yki and I prepared the rice, chopped the cucumber, and let the cream cheese soften a little. 

Once our rice was seasoned and cooled, we started rolling.

When everything was rolled, we sliced it and ate it!

Conclusion: I liked it! I loved the sweetness of the fish and how it played off of the flavors from the rice. The cream cheese added a nice softness, and the cucumber added a much-needed crunchy aspect. 

Graavikala Sushi recipe:
500g Sushi rice, cooked however one chooses. I like this recipe.
10 x nor sheets
1 x cucumber, sliced
300g graavi kirjolohi
1 x package Philadelphia cream cheese
Extra gear:
1 x bamboo mat

Place a sheet of nori paper on a bamboo mat and brush with water. Add rice, cream cheese, cucumber, and fish on one end. Gently use the bamboo mat to roll the sushi, slowly. Once rolled, slice into 8 pieces. Repeat until all of the nori is gone. Pro tip: Dividing the ingredients into 10 even piles helps ensure every roll is the same.

Happy long weekend!

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