Thursday, April 16, 2015

My Weekend Meal plan: 4 Days of Food For Two people For Around 14€

This morning, I popped into K-Supermarket City to do some shopping. I'm really broke until the beginning of May, so i knew that i ha to get creative. After spending a while walking around and doing some price comparisons, I bought enough food to feed me and my boyfriend through Sunday for about 14€. Now, this number is a little misleading, since some of the ingredients I will use in my meals are already in my pantry, and were purchased when I did my last bulk necessity shopping trip a few weeks ago(I will teach you about this in May), but I'm still quite proud of myself.

I bought 500g of sliced cheese for 2.49€, three large, perfectly ripe apples for 0.76€, 400g of ground meat for 2.19€, four containers of viili for 0.40 each, plus two buns as a treat for my boyfriend and myself, and a few other little things.

Here is my meal plan:
Today(Thursday): Oatmeal for breakfast grilled cheese and an apple for lunch, broccoli-apple soup for dinner.
Friday: Viili with cinnamon for breakfast, leftover soup for lunch, tunba melts with spinach for dinner
Saturday: Oatmeal for breakfast, roasted chickpea and apple salad for lunch, veggie stir-fry with quinoa for dinner
Sunday: Viili for breakfast, balsamic cucumber slices for a light lunch, macaroni and meat sauce with frozen green beans for dinner

Shopping trips like this one really demonstrate how important it is to always make sure you have a few basic staples, such as canned tuna, canned chickpeas, macaroni, and frozen vegetables in the pantry and freezer at all times. I was able to take advantage of the great discounts the shop had and make a lot out of very little.

My soup and tuna melt recipes will be posted before Monday as well, so keep an eye out for those.

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