Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Finnish Baby Food Pouches

There are many options when choosing to buy baby food pouches in Finland. In this video, I go over the main brands.

Some things to remember while watching:
-None of these products are actually made in Finland. Pirkka is a Finnish company, but that's it.
-Pirkka and Ella's Kitchen make only organic baby foods, but Pirkka's are about half the price. The difference is Ella's Kitchen's products have more diverse and unusual ingredients. 
-Muksu food pouches are just Cow & Gate pouches with a different label glued on.

Happy eating!


Anonymous said...

Baby J LOVES the pouches - his eyes light up and he starts jumping up and down when I pull one out (or when we pass by that section in the store). I keep them around for extra snacks, like if he didn't really eat much dinner, and especially when we travel. He loves the Ella's carrot parsnip one. I've started keeping straight to fruit and veggies, he doesn't like the meals as much.

Charlice said...

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