Sunday, August 16, 2015

Want Lunch On A Budget In Pori? Try Ravintola Maku

Now that I live so close to Kauppahalli, I find myself there on a regular basis. I've written before about how much I love to be there, and now that I live so close, I just can't resist going and looking around. One of my very favorite things about Kauppahalli, aside from the bakeries, fresh vegetables and fish, and friendly people, is the restaurants. More specifically, Ravintola Maku. 

For €5.90, I can get a big bowl of soup, fresh white or rye bread, and a coffee. There is always a meat or vegetarian soup option, and I have yet to leave disapointed, no matter which soup I've taken. Pictured above is zuccini and carrot soup. Below is salmon soup(look at all of those veggies!)

Don't get me wrong - Cafe Nestor also has wonderful soup, and an unbeatable tea selection, but Maku wins on price and creativity. Maku also offers a delicious lunch buffet for under 9€, which is, arguably, the best lunch in the city.  Some days the food is traditionally Finnish, but other days it's something completely random, but always delicious., It is clear that there is a lot of thought, effort, and love put into their dishes.

This post doesn't really have much of a point, other than I like soup, and Ravintola Maku has cheap, delicious soup. Leave me a comment telling me your favorite place to grab lunch in Pori, and maybe I'll write about it!

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