Friday, February 19, 2016

25 Songs That Prove 90s Finland Was Best Finland

I didn't live in Finland in the 90s. However, thanks to Parasta Ennen! and its Facebook fan group, I've come to learn a lot about what Finland was like in the 90s. Yes, the economy was in turmoil, but the music was still absolutely wonderful in every sense. Here are 25 songs that make me wish I had been born here. 

(This list was made in collaboration with the YleX - Parasta Ennen! Facebook group. Love you guys!

1. Mascara - Erittäin hyvä ("Very Good")

2. Bomfunk MC's - Freestyler

3. Bat & Ryyd - Ehtaa tavaraa("Real Stuff")

4. Hausmylly - maailman reunalla("On the Edge of the World")

5. Alpo Myller - Enon disco("Uncle's Disco")

6. 2. Maanantai - Mixet tahdo olla mun kaa("Why Don't You Want To Be With Me?")

7. Sikaduo - kourin kourin("Groping Groping")

8. A-Tyyppi - Ihanaa Leijonat Ihanaa!(Amazinf, Lions, Amazing - "Lions" being Finland's national ice hockey team)

9. Pizza Enrico - Mitä Sinä Sanoa("What You Say"..sort of. Intentionally bad Finnish, kiiiiiinda racist song...)

10. Raptori - Rane

11. Lapinlahden Linnut - Älä Viskaa Mua Pihalle("Don't Kick Me Out")

12. kikka - Tartu Tiukasti Hanuriin("Grab My Accordion/Ass Tightly" - "Hanuri" is slang for accordion, but it also means, there ya go.)

13. Mc Nikke T - Jos Haluu Saada On Pakko Antaa("If You Want To Have It, You Have To Give It")

14. Leevi And The Leavings - Rakkauden Työkalu("Tool Of  Love")

15. Klamydia - Kuljukka

16. Apulanta - Mato("Worm")

17. Waldo's People - U Drive Me Crazy

18. Movetron - Romeo Ja Julia

19. JS16 - Stomp To My Beat

20. @tak - Love on the Moon

21. Kari Tapio - Sen Eki teki vaan(Finnish cover of Billy Ray Cyrus' Achy Breaky Heart)

22. J. Karjalainen - Missä Se Väinö On?("Where Is Väinö?") 

23. Nypykät: - Lastenlaulu("Children's Song")

24. Allekirjoittanut - Leikkikalujäppinen("Boy Toy/Friend Zone Guy/I don't know how to translate this well. A guy you just use for everything but sex?)

25. XL5 - Kaunis peto("Beautiful Beast")

Bonus song: Simo Goes Poing(Someone took a guy from a clothing store TV ad and turned him into a dance song)

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