Sunday, June 5, 2016

Beauty and Massage in Pori: My Advice and Reccomendations

Finding a new hair stylist or spa when moving to or visiting a new city is always difficult. All of the reviews on the internet can't tell you if you'll have a good experience or not. When it came to hair, I found myself jumping from disappointing salon to disappointing salon when I first moved here. After several bad haircuts, I was finally able to find places that cut, colored, and styled my hair how I wanted at a fair price and with good service. The process for finding a good masseuse or masseur was almost exactly the same.

Even though I've wasted quite a bit of money on bad haircuts and unhelpful massages, they were still learning experiences. Below, I've written some tips based on what I've learned, and included some recommendations for massage, hair, and general relaxation.

Tip #1; Make sure there's no language barrier!

This is THE MOST IMPORTANT THING. If you can't speak Finnish, and the person providing you services can't speak English, it won't work out, even if you bring a friend along to translate. Almost every bad hair cut I've had in Pori can be attributed to a lack of good communication between me and the person doing my hair. Don't be too embarrassed to ask for someone who speaks and understands English, because it doesn't make you selfish or lazy. You're paying for a service and you want to ensure that the service is done properly. No one can argue with that.

Tip #2: Higher prices don't always mean better work

This goes without saying, but in a city where haircuts and treatments have prices that sometimes rival Helsinki, it needs to be said.  Always ask what's included in the price given, and how long it will take. Naturally, someone using specialty products will have a higher rate than normal, but it's important to ask.

Tip #3: Find someone you get along with

Your hair dresser doesn't have to be your best friend, and you don't have to invite your masseur to your wedding. However, if you're spending a few hours a year in close contact with someone, you should genuinely like that person as a person, and they should like you, too.

Tip #5: Make sure they're legit

If you're paying for a service from someone who isn't your close friend or family member(and even then), make sure they're a real, tax-paying, certified business. Do a quick Google search to make sure that the people behind that business haven't gotten into any trouble, either with the law or their clients. A limited web prescience can also sometimes be a red flag if the business isn't new,

Where I recommend for hair:

1. Hennaamo: This one is a bit unfortunate, since Henna is going to start maternity leave roughly three weeks after this will be posted, but I have to mention her. She's friendly and funny, and knows exactly how I like my hair to be cut. She specializes in organic hair treatments, and uses only henna to color hair. Henna colors don't really do much for my dark hair color-wise, but they do make it soft and shiny.

2. Hius-Prisma: No, this isn't the newer salon at the Prisma in Mikkola. This place has been around since the 80s, and I really like it. I had my hair cut and colored by Johanna last summer and she did a great job. The service was friendly, and I really liked how my hair looked and felt afterward. The only downside is that it's so far from the city center.

What I recommend for massage and relaxation:

1. Lihasnikkari: I have a time with Jyri every one to two weeks, and I can attest that he does fantastic work. Since I've started having regular massages with him, I don't get headaches nearly as often. The best thing about Jyri, other than the fact that he's talented, is that he comes to your house to do the massage. I get to relax right in my living room, which is awesome. His rates are very reasonable, too!

2. Valotar: This spa has a really calming atmosphere, and the last time I was there I had a foot treatment that was so relaxing I was nearly asleep in the massage chair. They also have a small store area where you can buy the different products used in their treatments. I can't say enough good things about this place. If you really, really want to relax, go here.

If you've made it this far, thank you. I know this was a bit of a bloated post, but I'm hoping it helps someone find a way to feel beautiful and relaxed. Happy hunting!

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