Sunday, July 3, 2016

31 Days Of Friends, Day 2: Topi and Veera

For the month of July, I'm going to spend time with at least one friend a day who I've not seen or spoken to for a while. By the end of the month, I'm hoping to have caught up with at least 31 different people.

I did a lot of walking on Saturday. After my usual Saturday breakfast in Kauppahalli, I went to the flea market to check my table and browse LPs, and from there I walked to Puuvilla. 

After my errands, Topi came by. Topi is really into music and had been teaching me guitar for a while. We had a long talk about his job, since my old job was similar, as well as music and life in general. He also showed me some microbrews he'd picked up on the way here.

After Topi left, i got to work prepping the ingredients for this drink(frozemonade), which meant making a simple syrup and juicing some lemons. Veera, my neighbor with a sweet fashion blog, came after a while with the rose, and we blended everything together.  We didn't have enough ice, so we ended up with a slightly watery cocktail, but it was absolutely delicious.

This drink is dangerous, in the sense that it tastes like slightly bitter lemonade. It's easy to drink a ton and not realize it until you're sitting at the table, starring down at an empty blender. 

After a while, Veera went home to catch up on Criminal Minds, and I settled in with the latest episode of Mock the Week.  Saturday was a fantastic day and I'm already looking forward to the things I've planned for the rest of July!

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