Friday, August 12, 2016

31 Days Of Friends, Days 7-10: How Pokemon Go Messed Up My Blog Project

I had been quite proud of myself for managing to keep my 31 Days Of Friends going, but then, on July 6th, everything changed.

After coming home from meeting Ville, I was about to have a nap when I read that Pokemon Go had finally been released in certain regions, and that it would be easy for me to download it. SO, naturally I downloaded it.

And it was everything.

I spent the entire evening running around Pori catching Pokemon until my battery died. This was the game I'd been waiting for for 17 years, and finally it was here.

On the next day, July 7th, I'd arranged to meet my friend Jarkko from Kuopio, who was visiting his family in Pori for a few days. The weather was miserable and rainy, but Jarkko and I still managed to have a great time walking around, looking through records and catching Pokemon. We even managed to have a great vegan lunch with my friend Mikko at Spirit Bistro, since Jarkko is a vegan and Spirit Bistro is the only place in Pori with consistently reliable vegan menu options.

On July 8th, I was supposed to head to the Jysäri music festival in Jämsö for the weekend, but due to illness I had to cancel.  I was disapointed because I'd felt that I'd let my friends down, but in the end I knew I didn't have much say in the matter. That night, Yki's cousin Saana stayed with us, since she had come to see a Finnish baseball game here and thought she'd spend the night. We watched some track and field on TV and had a pretty calm evening.

The next morning, on July 9th, Saana and I had a walk down to the Jazz Street, since it was finally open. She picked up a box of fried vendace(muikku) with garlic mayonnaise, while I went for a bratwurst.  After Saana left, I stayed home for a few hours until Tommi and Ronja visited. Tommiis/was a mutual friend to Yki and I, and is actually the person who first introduced us. After Tommi and Yki left for the Irish pub, Ronja and I watched the world championships of Counter Strike: Global Offensive on Yle2 and had some much-needed girl talk.

The morning of the 10th, I went to check the flea market table and do a gym battle at the bus stop. Whilebattling, Yki's mom had called and asked if she could take Annikki to the beach. It was a welcomed offer, and we soon found ourselves child-free at a shawarma stand on the jazz street. I'm a huge fan of shawarma, but it's not something you see often in Finland. Sadly, though, this day didn't involve seeing or meeting any old friends, though we did end up on Beerhunters' terrace with Tommi for a little while.

It was a fun weekend, even though it didn't initially go as planned.

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