Sunday, February 19, 2017

In Finland, We Have This Thing Called Sandwich Cake (Voileipäkakku)

One of the strangest, most traditional Finnish celebratory foods is a thing called Voileipäkakku. I am convinced that there has never been a wedding, funeral, confirmation, or graduation in the history of Finland where this "cake" wasn't served.

Voileipäkakku, or sandwich cake, is white or rye toast slices that are layered with mayonnaise or other creamy condiments, fish, cold meats, onions, olives, or other sandwich vegetables. The "cake" is then topped with more mayonnaise and fillings and then served in the style of a sweet, normal, actual cake.

Like many Finnish foods, the dish has Swedish origins.

Today I attended a sandwich cake brunch at a pub on Reposaari. They had everything from traditional sandwich cake to a vegan option smothered in hummus.

Though everything was delicious, I had somehow forgotten that eating a giant plate of mayonnaise and toast would leave me with one mighty food coma.

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