About Me

My name is Felicia "Licia" Prehn. I was born in Staten island, New York, but grew up between New York and Pennsylvania. I moved to Finland in 2011 because of an ex, and after almost two years of pain and abuse, I was finally able to get my life together, and decided to stay in Pori. Soon after, I met the love of my life, and now we have a beautiful daughter named Annikki. I speak English and Finnish, and am currently studying Swedish. I love ice hockey, records, films, food, traveling, and fashion. I'm also really into 90's nostalgia.


I have congenital cataracts that were never operated on when I was a baby, so I'm almost completely blind. During pregnancy, one cataract became larger than the other, and I subsequently had no vision at all in my left eye. Annikki had surgery in January of 2015, and now have completely normal vision with glasses. I had surgery in November of 2016, and now have my old vision back in my left eye, with a bit of extra color.

During my first few years in Finland, I lived in extreme poverty. I had to learn very quickly had to make food from almost nothing. My goal with Hungry in Pori is to share my successful story of survival, and to inspire others to continue to eat well no matter how low their income is, as well as to document my own unique perspective as a disabled immigrant living in a smaller Finnish town. 

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